Anger Is A Choice

As my family and I drove to church yesterday morning, we all remarked and commented on what a beautiful day it was. A sunny, cloudless sky hung over a bright landscape of green and dotted colors in people’s yards. The warmth all but made this year’s treacherous winter disappear.

I declared, “It’s impossible to be in a bad mood on a day like this.” Everyone agreed.

Coincidentally, I’d  had a bit of a brow-furling conversation with someone online that morning. It’s the type of argument that normally sets my mood as feisty and aggravated for the day. But I’ve been working on letting go of things I can’t control and dismissing people and their actions who produce that kind of reaction in me. Life is too short to let someone else control your mood.

While it was but a baby step in a long road of learning how to master this, yesterday I succeeded. Someone tried to make me angry. But I didn’t let them. I chose to be happy.

You should try it. It’s quite empowering..

May 5, 2014

  • RPF

    I’ve always said it takes too darn much energy to be angry and I’m too lazy for it…