Grant’s Birthday Present

My son turns eight years old today. It’s not a milestone birthday, per say, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the world has changed for me and my family in the last decade. Obviously, having Grant and Katie are the big bangs in that timespan.

I’ve also realized that the my focus on my career, the opportunity presented by writing a couple of books and the like has adversely effected my attentiveness to my family. To boot, the busy-ness of parenting has had a similar effect on my attentiveness to my wife.

I’ve realized recently that I’m successful professionally, but quite the failure personally.

Balance is hard. It takes in-human effort to produce humane results. While I’ve prioritized providing for my family, I’ve neglected being there with and for my family. That has to change.

I have no idea how to do this. But I know it’s going to take a fair amount of work. I don’t want to let off the gas pedal on one side, but know I have to press down on the other pedal at the same time. The complexity of being present at home while being present at work may overwhelm me.

But being a better father and husband is the best gift I can give my son. Here’s hoping I don’t mess this up any more..

March 21, 2013

  • Good luck my man! You will get it all figured out and what works and looks best for you. If family time is important to you now, put it in the schedule and don’t miss a meeting like you do with work. 😉

  • Oh and Happy Birthday Grant!!!!